Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pymisc module

    Pymisc - is module for miscellaneous utilities for your average python scripts and projects.
    This module was developed with same idea as "django-misc" that I've described before - to move utilities that are used frequently to specific location.
    To get it installed you can use GitHub (latest) version or PyPi (stable) version by installing via pip:
pip install git+git://
or for stable version from PyPI:
pip install pymisc
    Now, when it's installed on your machine, let's discuss what you can get from it:
  • contains @logprint (enter and exit from function will be logged, as well as crashs that may happend) and @memorized (cachine decorator)
  • contains Settings class that provide near django.conf.settings experience  and additionally you actually can change values and they will be auto-saved when application closes.
  • utils package contains a long list of routines for different purposes, which I'll describe in github documentation one day
  • reader package contains couple csv utility modules that really when work hard with this format of data files
  • django and html are actually copies of django-misc stuff, so if you use it already - just ignore it
  • web.browser.Browser - is a class that provides some basic routines on top of usual urllib module to allow easier do json requests, download files and etc.
   I'll continue developing this module and adding more stuff (including some doc and examples), and if you have a piece of code that you thinks belongs in this kind of place - let me know or fork&pull-request on GitHub.

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